For those Woodfordians leaving the festival today, here’s some handy information for facilitating your departure.

Season Campers, there’s one bus operating between the Butterfly Walk and Eastern Bloc Car Park until 5pm.

BioQuesting Woodfordia 

QuestaGame recently won the prestigious Eureka Science Award for innovation in citizen science, and we invite you to play with us to document Woodfordia’s biodiversity. Already, across one weekend, 300 sightings have been submitted and a new species was found! Become Woodfordia’s citizen scientist by joining the Woodfordia Clan; discover the fascinating creatures that call Woodfordia home and contribute valuable biodiversity data in collaborative fun.

Speakers and Ideas programme

Michael and Ludmila Doneman are two people who are absolutely passionate about new ideas, relentlessly in their interrogation of the status quo, and constantly seeking out ways to ensure everyone has a seat at the table. They’re our new Speakers and Ideas programmers, and you’ll see their influence in the programme they’ve created this year. Relationships nurtured by Jillian Rossiter and Mandi McIntyre continue to flourish.

Bukal coming to Woodford 2018

With the support of Arts Queensland, we are able to bring a very special play to Woodford Folk Festival this year, based on the life of an extraordinary woman, Henrietta Marrie.

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