Several years ago we started opening the festival gates on Christmas Day due to large numbers of people arriving early to queue to camp. The numbers were of such a size that we were getting complaints from neighbours and police about traffic hazards on the surrounding roads.

We made the move to open the gates a day early to ensure the festival traffic did not impact on our neighbours and was not a traffic hazard.

Over the years, the cost of providing security, employing our gate staff, securing additional volunteers, commissioning the toilets and showers a day earlier has been increasing with more people arriving two days before the festival and the opening time getting earlier. We cannot absorb these increasing costs so we’ve introduced a user pays system.

Any Season Camper who wishes to set up camp on Christmas Day (from 2pm) will need to pre-purchase a Christmas Day Camping Fee.

The gates on Boxing Day will open at 6.30am.

It’s important to note that the festival precinct will not be accessible to Season Campers until 5pm on Boxing Day.

We are continuing to develop all the camping grounds so that all the camping areas are considered good space for your festival camping experience.

We appreciate your support.

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