We have some simple terms and conditions that apply to all tickets.

  • Minimum booking: 4 night minimum booking  
  • Visitors are allowed: We charge $20 for adult day visitors, and $10 for kids (0-17 years old) That charge is per person per visitor per day.
    Visitors must leave by 7pm each day.
    Visitors can use the lake and other amenities while they are on the site. 
  • Space allocation for camping will be 2 adults and up to 3 youth/kids per 1 campsite. Prices are set out per person, we will allocate spaces based on the number of adult tickets sold.
    For example, 2 adults 3 kids = 1 space.
    4 adults and up to 6 kids = 2 spaces.
    4 adults and 7 kids = 3 spaces.