Magic, Mystery, Mirth, Music, Ceremony, Ritual, Dance, Artistry, Lore, Curiosity, Rhapsody, Pilgrimage, Journey — Welcome to the People’s Republic of Woodfordia. 

Since the beginning of our organisation in 1985, Woodfordia has relied on the power of community to bring our festivals to life.  We are here thanks to the heartfelt contribution of many thousands of people for more than three decades.

Help us continue to build a legacy for future generations. Join us and become a citizen of the People’s Republic of Woodfordia.

Woodfordia citizenship is all about good times, contribution and a sense of belonging to a big extended family – it’s a state of mind. And on behalf of the Notion State of Woodfordia, we invite like-minded folk to join our movement.

Citizenship benefits might include:

  • Stay in touch with Woodfordia in a meaningful way all year round
  • Become directly involved with Woodfordia and its many events
  • Quarterly copies of Lore Society will be posted to you
  • Have access to electronic copies of previous issues of Lore Society
  • Be invited to attend our regular gathering days on site (we work, dance, eat and make merry) and the opportunity to co-create the future direction of our collective vision and efforts
  • Have access to your own online CITIZEN’S PORTAL – here you’ll find our Lore Society library, behind the scenes interviews, videos, audios and much more as we continue populate this space
  • Learn about and get involved with Woodfordia’s environmental projects
  • Help us, wherever you are to promote and engage

Become a citizen and receive quarterly copies of Lore Society, the journal published by Woodfordia featuring current news, actions, policies and other issues facing our organisation and its people.

If you are a Citizen of Woodfordia you can read all back issues of Lore Society via the Citizens’ Login page

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