The second innovative version of street shades are being unveiled at this year’s Woodford Folk Festival.

Organizers are hoping that the new design by German bamboo architect Jorg Straum will be the right fit. Volunteers will construct 70 meters of shading under the supervision of Sydney bamboo/architect collective Cave Urban who worked with Jorg while visiting Woodfordia in October.

The shades will be built in 9-metre lengths from treated bamboo and will be entirely portable. They will also be able to be installed fairly quickly and put away annually so many years of service can be expected.

“We wanted the shades to be beautiful, taking their place in the beautiful streets, be high enough of the sides for people to enter the stalls and food outlets and of course to hang lanterns and other beautiful items of decore” said project co-ordinator Nici Long. “we’re very excited to see people’s reaction, we think these shades will become part of Woodford’s beautiful brand.”

General Manager Amanda Jackes is nervously awaiting the start of the build, which is scheduled for late November. It will be a big job with 50 or so volunteers to get the job completed and installed for the festival this year.

“We’re aiming to roll out 70 metres of these shades over the streets this year but it’s just the beginning. The plan is to cover all the streets of the festival where there’s no shade – the comfort level on hot sunny days will go through the roof” she said.

Organisers have put the word out for volunteers interested in learning innovative bamboo design and construction to join the build for this dramatic project. Interested people can get in touch with Woodfordia’s office or email to our volunteer co-ordinator.