Help raise money to support the incredible efforts of Spirit of the Hornbill replanting rainforests in Borneo. Picture this: it’s January 1 and you’ve been immersed in the festival experience for six beautiful days.

You’re sparkling on the inside but let’s face it, your outer-self could use a wee scrub. This year, Martin Pearson hosts The Lord & Lady of Bath: an auction where you’ll bid for one of two places to enjoy fresh towels, clean robes, and a deep tub full of Dr. Bronner’s beautiful scents. A good clean for a good cause!

Two lucky Woodfordians will be serenaded by Martin, sinking deep into their very own bath, before we dim the lights and leave them in peace to enjoy a long soak. One lucky winner will be chosen at random and the second will go to the highest bidder.

What are we raising funds for?

Located in Palangka Raya, Indonesia, Spirit Of The Hornbill Dance Academy was built by Siti Habibah and Apriyadi to conserve Central Kalimantan art and culture for future generations, and facilitate learning about traditional dance arts. Borneo has the oldest rainforests on the planet — 130 million years old — and is home to some of the worlds most precious biodiversity and wildlife like the orangutan. Spirit Of The Hornbill use culture to draw awareness to them, and the monies raised from this event will support their work replanting rainforests in Borneo. So, give whatever you can afford and support this incredible work.

Winners will be notified by phone on January 1st by 6pm.

(NB: Lord and Lady are non-gender specific, any person can bid for any spot.)

Tax receipts: Please note we are unable to provide a tax deductable receipt for this donation as we are collecting on behalf of Spirit of Hornbill.

Use the button below to make your bid via our paypal account.

Some suggested donation levels:

Dip Your Toe In $10

Soak in the Suds $20

Lovely Bubbly $50

Overflowing $100

Whatever Floats Your Boat $xxx

in order to successfully submit your donation, you MUST leave your contact number in the notes section during checkout. It looks like this:

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