For those Woodfordians leaving the festival today, here’s some handy information for facilitating your departure.

Season Campers, there’s one bus operating between the Butterfly Walk and Eastern Bloc Car Park until 5pm.


Is that close harmony sound made even better when it’s made by identical twins? Laura Cortese dragged us to see The Brother Brothers at an FAI concert a few years ago. We loved their music (and we’ve since heard that they’re quite the funnymen). We look forward to introducing them to Australia (we’re sending them on tour post-festival).


We love that everyone has a different experience at Woodford. That is not unexpected with over 1500 programmed events over the six days and nights. If the sheer scale of Woodford’s programme seems overwhelming, and you’re looking for a more manageable entry point, you might like to take a look at a few festival journey suggestions from our team: 


future is looking bright, Woodfordians. The full programme for Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20 is out now and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. As always, this is a programme created by, with and for many, many people. With 1500+ shows across 25 stages, we’re hoping there’s something to satiate all Woodfordians, great and small.


Look closer! The 2019/20 Woodford Folk Festival Poster was created by over 300 Woodfordians. Check out our behind the scenes blog here to see how this massive collaborative creation was made.


Two thirds of the volunteers each year are returning festival volunteers, testament to the fact that it’s an experience you will never forget. It’s an opportunity to meet new people from all over Australia and the world, be part of a passionate community and it can also be a more affordable way of participating in the festival.


WOODFORD Folk Festival director Bill Hauritz has provided an intimate insight into former Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s last days, his character and the love affair he came to have with the Sunshine Coast’s favourite festival.


One of our most loved spaces at Woodford Folk Festival over the years has been the Chai Tent. It came in many incarnations, many spaces, and with a few different organizers, but the one constant was the delicious, steaming hot chai shared with friends, old and new.

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