The Woodford Folk Festival is a world leader in festivals and cultural events, Queensland’s premier festival and winner of the Major Event category at the Australian Tourism Awards 2015. The annual event from 27th December to 1st of January attracts visitors from around Australia and the world for six days of music, theatre, dance, film, arts and cultural activities. With over 460 performance groups, 2,500 individual performers, 35 venues and 17 hours of entertainment daily, Woodford Folk Festival is the largest outdoor festival in Australia.

Woodford Folk Festival Attendance and Expenditure

  • Aggregate attendance at the 2017/2018 festival was 111,000.
  • The festival enjoys a consistently high repeat visitation rate of 69%.
  • Last year, about a third of our visitors lived in households with a higher income than the national average, and around the same number held positions in a Professional occupation group.
  • The estimated gross expenditure generated at Woodford Folk Festival 2016/17 was $10.8m.
  • The 2017/18 Woodford Folk Festival generated a total expenditure impact of $26.99m in Queensland.


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